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Holiday Teacher Gifts

I believe teachers should be celebrated and I love adding a little bit of holiday cheer in each of their mailboxes.  This is what I gave to each of the boys teachers.  In each goodie bag is a handmade pocket tissue holder and a small sampling of chocolate chip shortbread cookies.  I wrapped the shortbread cookies in freezer paper and included a label with all the ingredients listed just in case there are any food allergies that I am not aware of.  I included handmade cards with a photo of each of the boys.  Make sure to tell your child's teachers how much you appreciate them!


Unknown said...

Great idea Gretchen and yes teachers need to be remembered.

Anonymous said...

What a great gift Gretchen. Teachers need to be told more and more how much they are appreciated.
Great job.

CocktailMom said...

thanks for the kind words. Wish I could do more but every little bit helps. Be well.


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