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Arrow Bike Shop

Things have been a bit quiet here @ CocktailMom, have you noticed? I wish I could report that I was off doing something extremely exciting, but I wasn't. Nope. The sad truth is that on that awesome 63 mile bike ride through PA to see covered bridges I pinched a nerve in my hand. And then biking 17 miles the following week for the Iron Girl Triathlon made matters worse. So I've been in a brace, taking meds and trying to rest my hand. Harder than you think, let me tell you!

Clearly the pinched nerve is the result of not being in the proper position while riding my bike. I headed over to my favorite local bike shop, Arrow Bicycles, and got professionally fitted. Chris, one of the owners, made some major adjustments and made me aware of some of my bad habits that I need to correct. Gripping the handlebars, holding tension in my shoulders and not keeping my back straight. If only I had him next to me while I rode to remind me. I highly suggest anyone riding a bike, even casually, to get fitted for their bike. As Arrow's website says "Bike Fit is a marriage of bicycle and rider. While the human body does an incredible job of adapting, it is our job as fitters to adjust the bicycle to the rider and not the rider to the bicycle. The bicycle should be an extension of the rider and reflect his or her riding style."

Me and my bike are now officially married and I am ready to ride more efficiently and without pain, hopefully.
If only this rain would end.

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