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Travel Books for Kids

It has always been hard to take Logan to places where it's going to be crowded and noisy. Typically he would end up laid out on the floor or under a piece of furniture, emotionally at his limit and at a moments notice would break out in tears. Completely overstimulated. The thing is though we, the rest of the family, need to go out and experience life with crowds. We had to find a balance.
So I started creating these little travel books. I make them for museums that we go to or county fairs and even, in this case, a book festival that my husband is taking the boys to this weekend. Logan loves maps so I always include one, whether it's a map of the art exhibits or the subway map. I also pull pictures from the internet of things he might see along his way or actual paintings at the museum. Sort of like a search and find. He becomes so focused on finding the items on his page that he isn't affected by the crowds and noise. It has made our family outings heavenly.
For these books I put the pages in 5 1/2 x 8 inch page protectors that you can get at any office supply store and bound them with a pipe cleaner. I love pipe cleaners! At the end of the day when everyone is cranky and ready to go home a single pipe cleaner on the subway home can save can become anything you want it to be...a person, a bug, a sword...endless entertainment opportunities!
These books are great for any child, on the Autism spectrum or not. They are great on car rides too! And if you put the pages you make in page protectors you can reuse them the next time you go to that museum or drive to the in-laws.


morninglight mama said...

This is a fantastic idea, for all kids, like you said!

Unknown said...

You are so smart!


Jen said...

Danny and Annelise loved them for their (rainy) adventure on Saturday. Thank you! What a fabulous idea!


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