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Mrs. Benyi's Garden Rocks!

We recently went to visit one set of grandparents in Ohio and made sure to drop by our adoptive grandparents house the Benyi family. Mrs. Benyi has the most serene, beautiful garden I have ever seen. There are many little places to sit and reflect or grab a book and relax. The hanging swings on the porch are perfect for chit chatting while the wee ones enjoy the pond, equipped with fish who eat Cheerios! The work she has put into this outdoor living space truly reflects her love of's an inspiration to us all.


Anonymous said...

It is an amazing little garden. My mother has put so much time into making it what it is today. She truly loves her ponds and fish. It is one of the most comfortable places to sit and relax I can think of. Glad to see other people feel the same way! Nice work mom!

Unknown said...

Every yard needs a watergarden. The sound of a waterfall is the most soothing peaceful thing there is. There isn't a problem in the world that can't be solved while sitting close enough to hear the water, and perhaps soaking your feet in a bit of it. A fish or two, especially Cheerio eating fish, is helpful and maybe add in a few water plants, even night bloomin lilies, and an extra water fall or two or three and lastly it needs a few children to bring it to life. Fish and plants love to hear laughter and have some splashing legs and arms added in. My pond spung to life again with the help of two delightful little guys named Zane and Logan. Thanks guys for cheering up my water gardens !!!
Love you little guys, Mrs. Benyi


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