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Dog Park Doggie Rape

Dharma and I go to the dog park every night and last night was no different. Fridays tend to be more crowded and last night I saw a few dogs that I've never seen before. Dharma is very submissive at the dog park, if we walk around the neighborhood she stands her ground. but at the dog park... forget it... she's a totally different dog. I have no idea why but the second a dog barks fiercely at her she goes cowering towards the gate and tucks her tail under. Then not but 3 seconds later she is back in that dog's face and lays down wiggling on her back with her junx all out for the dog to smell.
So last night everything is going fine...Dharma is running around with her little doggie friends...I'm chatting with some ladies while working on a hand appliqued quilt block. (Yes, I craft at the dog park.) Then this guy comes, who none of us regulars have ever seen before, and he has 2 beagle mixes with him. Everything is going great and then one of his dogs starts humping Dharma. Yes I know this is a normal, natural thing but it annoys me when the owner doesn't push their dog off the other dog. Especially as a woman who has a dog who is totally submissive and won't bite the dog or do anything...she'll just sit there and take it.
Well this guy doesn't do anything while his dog has pushed Dharma down and is biting the back of her neck while he's humping her. I'm pissed. I go over, push the dog off Dharma and she goes running for dear life. Clearly she was not enjoying this love fest. Dhrama gets away from him for awhile, he keeps running over to her and once she sees him getting close, she speeds off. Well when she dropped her guard the bastard comes back while she is happily playing with another dog he rams his body into her and tackles her down, bites the back of her neck and starts humping her. Oh I think fire is coming out of the top of my head I am so mad. I run over there (and just to make note that the male dog's owner was closer to them than I was...urgh!) and I try to push the dog off. This dog has such a hold on Dharma that I have to grab them both by the collars to separate them and then I see it....that f@ckin' dog ejaculated all over Dharma's back. I am totally grossed out and pissed off! I continue to hold both dogs by the collar as I make my way to the gate so that this dog won't jump on her again. As I'm leaving one of the regulars asked if Dharma did something wrong. "No", I reply rather loudly, "this f@ckin' dog won't leave her the f@uck alone". Ok, so those folks that new me pre-kids know I use to have quite a foul mouth but now that kids are in the picture those words only come out like that when I am pissed and really pissed. Like taking off my earrings and ready to throw down pissed.
I'm still pissed about it as I type this out...oh that 20 something hipster best not cross my path again with his 2 horny-non-neutered male dogs.
If Dharma won't fight back...I will.
(Roars the Mama Lion)


Anonymous said...

zoeYou go Mama Lion. I am afraid I would have done something right then and not wait for the next time. You bring your dog to a doggie park so they can have fun, not to be abrused.
Tell the guy the next time his dogs do that you are going to pepper sprayed them, You are just protecting Dharma.

Anonymous said...

Non-neutered dogs have NO place at the dog park. All those doggie hormones thay are giving off can cause aggression, fights, and worse. It's unsafe for both the other dogs AND the dogs of the irresponsible owner. This guy either a) can't be bothered to get them fixed, or b) delusionally believes that he's going to breed them to suplement his income.



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