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Toys R Us Birthday Club

If you sign up each of your kids' for Toys R Us birthday Club the child will receive a birthday card in the mail and a gift card for $3 off any purchase over 3 bucks. Of course they want you to come in and buy an expensive toy, but you don't have to. My kids' think the gift card is only for coloring books. It also helps that they can't read. So I shell out a buck including taxes, for their almost free, exciting new coloring book! Also along with the gift card is a postcard to bring to the customer service counter for a "special surprise". Every year it's the same thing - a balloon. And every year the balloon tends to get more attention than the coloring book...well at least for the first day.

1 comment:

hadjare said...

It's just a balloon? How disappointing. I was thinking of going in there to see....but now it might not be worth it. The coupon now is $5.00 off any purchase of $25 or more.


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