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Biking the day away

Well as you can tell I am back from biking in Meyersdale PA. The first full day there I set off with my parents on a "short" ride. When I asked them how long we'd be riding, keep in mind I'm towing kids in a bike trailer and wanted to pack enough snacks and stuff for them to do (books and leapster games etc.). Well my parents replied "it's a short ride...12 miles or so". I felt as though I was 10 years old again, on a no speed bike, being lied to...and sure enough as we biked along and reached mile 7 I asked when we were going to turn around and go back. Well the "short" ride turned into 26 miles. Thankfully my mom pulled one of the kids in her bike trailer. But I have to say pulling a 50 pound kid is no easy feat, especially on a trail that is a constant incline for 12 miles. The next day my arse was so sore I had to take the day off from biking, also my 2 other sisters arrived with their daughters. Saturday, the grandparents watched the 3 younger kids while my sisters and their daughters and I went on a 45 mile ride!!! After pulling kids in a bike trailer for the last 5 years every time I got on a bike...and then just riding alone.....I felt like I could ride forver. No joke. I wasn't even tired or sore.
The trip was wonderful. The weather was fantastic. And the views were amazing. It was a rude awakening how plugged in I am most of the day on the computer. Went through a bit of internet withdraw. So I am vowing to spend less time online. We shall see how long that lasts. :)
One of the coolest sites are the windmills. Meryersdale, Pa is the highest point in PA and the electric company is ahead of it's game with the windmills. Isn't that view amazing!

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Anonymous said...

Well, all of you who know me know I LOVE to ride. This sounds like a blast! I have been dying to get on the 330 miler from Pitts to DC. I want to do it end to end in one trip. Just found out 3 days ago it isn't paved and is crushed stone and hard pack. Don't have the right bike to do it on...... Still looking for a 250 mile plus ride to do on my track or road bike. (East coast or possibly midwest) Thoughts anyone?

Sound like some clean healthy family fun! Ryan
Something about your blog makes me feel OK to "blog"!


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