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Craft Girl!

2 posts in one morning!!! No I am not trying to be an overachiever...just wanted to share a picture with you from my son Logan's Superhero Birthday Party. Everyone was asked to dress up as a superhero. I created "Craft Girl"! I appliqued a C and G and then embroidered the words "craft girl" on a plain t-shirt. I made a utility belt and attached random craft glue gun, tag of buttons, shoe lace, pipe cleaner, scrapbook circle template, fabric flowers, crochet hook and paperclips. The arm you can't see has a crochet half sleeve and the other arm has a fabric measuring strip wrapped around which kinda made me feel like a heroin addict and it also wasn't that comfortable so it didn't last long. But the overall affect is nice.
So if you ever need a quick costume for Halloween you are welcome to reinvent "Craft Girl". And I'd love to see pictures!


Nikki said...

And what would the world be like without Craft Girl? A very sad place, indeed :)

Unknown said...

It's a a plane...oh thank goodness!!! It's CRAFT GIRL! Here to save the day.


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