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Microwave Vs Oven: Which is cheaper to run?

The ladies in my knitting group and I were talking about our electric bills, we all live in the same neighborhood in townhouses. Though the actual materials used to build the townhouses vary. For example I live in what is called a "frame" (made of wood) and my friend Leah lives in a brick. So one of the women said how much she pays in electricity and she has the AC running all the time during the summer. Leah and I were stunned that her bill was only 25 bucks more than ours. And we both very rarely run the AC and I feel as though we are very energy conscious around here. Not to mention it saves us money. So why am I only paying 25 bucks less? The only thing Leah & I could come up is that we are both big cookers, mainly using the stove and oven (and note that we both have ovens that are less than 4 years old). So do you think a microwave oven would be more energy efficient and save me money off my electric bill???


Allison said...

No matter the cost, I think that cooking with a conventional oven tastes better and is probably better for you than using a microwave.

Nikki said...

I agree with the previous comment. However if it is saving money and energy that you are looking into, then yes, it will cost you less money to use the microwave.

This is from

"Use the microwave or toaster oven to cook and reheat small dishes. A microwave uses only about 20 percent of the energy that a conventional oven uses, while a toaster oven uses about half."


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