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Take that- tumor! You are being evicted!!

After a mammogram in April I was informed that I have a Phyllodes tumor in my left breast. I didn't share it right away with the world....I wasn't sure if I was going to... I wasn't ready for breast cancer to be my reality.  
I was really sad. I was sleeping more than normal, I tried to be honest with my feelings and embrace each one when it happened. Which means I cried at really inopportune times.
Everything seemed the same and yet everything was different. I would look down at my breasts and feel disgusted with them, like they were traitors-hiding this secret from me. 

I would be teaching yoga and thinking about this tumor, 
reading bedtime stories to my children and thinking about this tumor, 
riding in the car; staring out of the window and I'd be thinking about this tumor.

When I wasn't thinking about the different options of surgery I would be reading about Phyllodes tumors, connecting with other women through support groups on Facebook and asking their advice and opinions. (These women have been a huge help!)
I've been living and breathing information on Phyllodes tumors for the past month.
It's what I do when I'm faced with a crisis. I read. I gather information so that I am armed and ready to make the best possible decision.

I met with my breast surgeon, Dr. Magnant at Sibly Memorial Hospital and my plastic surgeon, Dr. Huang and we've come up with the best option for me. I'll be having surgery on May 30th. Dr. Magnant will remove the tumor with wide margins (wide excision Lumpectomy) and Dr. Huang will do the breast reduction at the same time. There will be a pathologist in the surgery room that will test the tumor to make sure that all the cancer cells are removed from the margins while I am laying on the surgery table. This takes a huge weight off my shoulders knowing that the cancer cells will be gone!
Five days later I will know the results from pathology, and hopefully that will be the end to my breast cancer experience.
Thank you for the emails, phone calls and encouraging words. Please continue to pray and send healing energy for me on May 30th!
And if your are local, stop by and say hello!


morninglight mama said...

You have nothing but love and good thoughts from me, Gretchen!!

Gretchen said...

Thanks chica!!!

helenasc said...

I read your story in The Patch. I feel like I know you from your writing and comments to several FB friends that we have in common. I will be praying for you and your boys, and all those who love you as you walk this journey. May you have peace and complete healing.


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