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Valentine's Mustache Treats

I saw these featured on Disney's Family Fun Website and I knew it would be perfect for the boys to take as Valentine's treats for their class parties.  They were so easy to make,  all you need is a sheet of craft foam and a sharpie marker to trace the mustaches.   After I cut each mustache out I used a small hole punch in the center,  the tootsie roll lollipop easily slipped through the hole.  I was able to fit 25 mustaches on a sheet of craft foam that I picked up at Michael's for only 99 cents.  I secretly left some on a few friends' doorsteps hoping to brighten their Valentine's Day.  What adult doesn't love a fake mustache?
These would make great party favors too!      


Unknown said...

Now that is a cute idea.

Gretchen said...

don't you want to make one to walk around town? :) Just imagine the looks on people's faces! haaahaaa


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