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Building a Nest

Building a nest.   Becoming a family.
The house hunt has finally ended and our offer (#6) was accepted!  We have the inspection this weekend and now we begin the stage of tying up loose ends and getting paperwork in order.  I wanted to make Lauren something special for this occasion.  So I pulled out the paints, not a medium I tap into often.
For this project I used an old, stained apron that was destined for the trash and cut it to fit a wood embroidery hoop.  The fabric from the apron is a bottom weight fabric and the acrylic paint took really well to it.  I hot glued a ribbon to the backside of the hoop and finished it off with a fabric backing, hot gluing it in place.  We are looking forward to hanging it up in our new house.


morninglight mama said...

Holy cow!! I guess I didn't realize that you were this far in the process! Congrats- can't wait to hear where the house is. :)

Jen said...

So happy that you found a place. I want to hear all about it sometime soon. Who knows when that will be?

Gretchen said...

@Dawn and @Jen- both boys will be going to the same school in the fall! yippee!!


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