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Crochet Owls

After the felted sweater party I had a bag full of felted squares and scraps left over.  I needed to do something with them so I quickly crocheted up this simple owl using leftover yarn from a previous project and then added felted sweater bits for the nose and feet.  Buttons make the perfect eyes.  Fluffy, as he is called in our house has joined the ranks of the other cuddly friends that adorn my youngest son's bed.  Small enough to carry and explore the world with him.  I think I may need a Fluffy on my desk to keep me company at work.


morninglight mama said...

Oh, I LOVE this! My youngest has a thing for owls, and I showed the kids and they both let out an "awwwww..." :)

Nicely done, as usual, you crafty lady!

Gretchen said...

Thanks Dawn! Luckily one of my kids LOVES "cuddly friends" AKA: stuffed animals. The oldest would rather clutch a hard, plastic buzz lightyear to his chest as he drifts off to dream land.


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