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I love Todd Parr

My boys have been surrounded by books their entire lives.  As small toddlers and even now they can be found sitting for hours in front of a bookcase with books surrounding them.  On rainy/cold weather days we will read curled up on the sofa or in one of their beds until I call it quits because my voice goes hoarse.  One of my all time favorite children's authors is Todd Parr.  We have owned almost all of his books, passing along titles to friends only because we had the board book version (also referred to as "baby books" in my house).  Recently we revisited a few at the library and I fell in love all over again with We Belong Together.  It is such a beautiful and simple story about adoption and how there are different types of families, even families with 2 dads and 2 moms!  Another personal favorite is The Family Book.  Todd is an amazing author, his books use simple images with resonating text that tackles issues like race, acceptance of gay and lesbian families, and environmental issues.  The books teach kids that it's natural for there to be more than one way to exist in the world and many ways to feel while existing, the lessons I want my children to learn in life. 
Each book has a message at the end from Todd, like this one:

Peace is being different, feeling good about yourself, and helping others. The world is a better place because of YOU!
If you haven't added one of his books to your children's bookcase I highly recommend all of his titles.  Check them out here on Amazon.     


morninglight mama said...

We have a couple TP books in our collection, and the kids always love trying to say which of the characters is each person in our family. I love that his drawings are so whimsical that we have such fun "becoming" the different characters. :) Definitely wonderful books!

Gretchen said...

He's totally one of my favorites and honestly I never tire of them, even after reading the same book a million times! you know what I am talking about!!!


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