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Great Mustache Giveaway!

Did you fall in love with the mustaches I made for the boys Valentine's?  Do you have a party coming up and wish that you had time to make these?  Well this is the giveaway for you!!!  I have 8 new mustaches (without lollipops) for the random winner who leaves a comment off of this blog post.  Remember leave your comment here, not on Facebook.  Winner will be announced in one week.


The Schuster's said...

Ok. I'll bite. I think these would be a ton of fun in the make-believe box!

Megan said...

These are great! IO thinks they are hilarious. At first she laughed and said "It's Justin" (meaning Bieber) But then she said, "Oh, that's LoLo!" Maybe don't mention that to Lauren:)

Gretchen said...

@ Megan- that is hilarious!!!! You know I am totally telling Lauren..."never say never". haaahaaa


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