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Organizing Books by Season

My boys own a lot of books and we also check out a lot of books every other week from the library. This past weekend we went to a giant book sale at one of our local libraries and after coming home and putting the books on the shelves I knew I had to organize. Books were getting damaged or completely forgotten and never read because there were too many on the shelves. So I sat down and divided them up into seasons. So every season we will change the library of books in their room. I think this is going to be really fun for them. Some of the books are not necessarily about a season but it's clear that they take place during a particular season. Take Cat in the Hat, for example, it takes place in the winter when there is snow on the ground. If you find yourself swimming in kids' books instead of getting rid of them, try this instead. Keep it fresh for everyone. Lord knows there are a few that make me do the happy dance since I won't have to read them every freakin' day.

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Jen said...

Good idea! I cycle ours through the 4 major bookshelves in the house (2 in the basement and 1 in each of the kids' rooms). I rarely put the books totally out of sight because it is then that one of them will be looking for just that book! Of course we have a RIDICULOUS amount of books since many of my classroom books became my kids' books!


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