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What is on the needles....

Recently found out that 3 very special people in my life are having babies. So the yarn has been cast on and I am ready to sit and knit and create something beautiful for each of these miracles. I loved receiving blankets from people when my boys were born. We still have all of them and both boys still sleep under the blankets that my mom and Jon's mom made.

Jon's Auntie sent me a box of yarn, mostly acrylic...very basic. Perfect for a baby blanket. I don't like using the fancy yarn for baby's blankets. These blankets need to stand up to everything that will come their way...puke, baby food, formula, rain, snow, mud. Wash and Dry, folks.

Even though 2 of the babies are boys I like to create neutral blankets. That way if they happen to have another baby it could be used again and it wouldn't matter if it was a boy or girl.
I'm hoping to do something a little different with this blanket. I'm going to fuse knitting and quilting into one project. Don't worry I'll show you the finished product, stay tuned.

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annasoc said...

Oh, like that lovely link you sent me a while back. I have some knitted squares that I was going to make into a larger afghan, but they might turn into a lap quilt instead and the fabric backing would make it very nice.


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