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Update:Quilt top in 3 hours-FINISHED!

A while back I posted a quilt top that I made in 3 hours while Zane napped, well I finished it! I used a plain sheet for the backing that I got off of freecycle and cotton batting. Logan loves it and sleeps under it every night. I don't think I will be tackling a big one like this for a while. This one is a twin size and was more than I could handle at times, free motion quilting it. I'm going to stick with the lap throws for awhile until I have this quilting thing a bit more mastered.


Anonymous said...

I can see why Logan's love it. It has all the things he loves. I enlarge the picture, and there is Buzz light year, butterflies, space ships and the color he loves.
Great job Gretchen.

Leah said...

You put me to shame.

About the online offers: I think my out-of-pocket costs for my first were less than $50, even with return shipping costs. Maybe that helps? Why don't we start e-mailng: . Maybe we can meet at Shoppers Food Warehouse sometime this week!

annasoc said...

That is such a wonderful quilt. It looks really cozy and warm (and we need that in these icebox houses). I have a pattern for a really pretty and girly lapquilt that I am going to attempt as my first before I tackle the bed quilt because it is daunting to think about quilting something that is really big like a queen-sized quilt.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! It's so funny how much you LOVE freecycle!!!

Jessica said...

I'm impressed. Learning to quilt frightens me. Is there alot of cutting and pinning or mostly sewing?


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