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Personalized Baby Blocks

I was asked by friends to create a gift for a new baby. They totally gave me creative freedom, oh how I love orders like that! This is what I made for the brand new baby. Personalized baby blocks. Each side of the block is a different texture and fabric pattern to engage the baby's senses and then filled with polyfill till each one was nice and plush. Each letter is made from felt and I also added a ribbon to each block for the baby to grab. And the best part is that some of the blocks have bells sewn in the inside so that they rattle. I hope sweet Gavin enjoys his new treasure.


morninglight mama said...

Will we be seeing these available for custom order soon on AA? :)

Really adorable, as usual!!

Anonymous said...

These are really clever, Gretchen and a great gift.

CindyLooHoo said...

Please oh please add these to your website!!!!!!!!!! Would me placing an order entice you enough?? :)


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