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Valentine Cards

I want to say right up front that I can NOT take credit for this idea. My dear friend Corie sent us a Valentine's card and after reading on the back the list of what her kids love, I had to "borrow" the idea for Logan's school cards. What a great way to give the recipient a glimpse into what the child is interested in. I did something similar for a layout for the boys' birthday, something I hope to make a tradition within my scrapbooks. Because Logan has absolutely no interest in anything craft related, and I just can't give out the commercial cards, I decided to save myself some time and do it all digitally. I got the background paper from Shabby Princess, they have a ton of totally free downloads of entire color coordinated digital scrapbooking kits. Worth a look if you ever wanted to give digital scrapbooking a try.


Anonymous said...

These are too cool. It's like the random 25 things about me tagging, but for kids.

Anonymous said...

Gretchen, this is really nice.
It really comes from the heart.
Great job!

Leah said...

Seriously, you KILL me with your crafts. They're truly amazing. I'm going to pull out a line I never like to use, but I mean it this time: How do you find the time? I know we all fit in what's important to us, but seriously you're amazing!

I feel you on the CVS pain. I usually have to hit 2 or 3 stores (or more on weeks I really want the stuff) to make everything work. Seems like there's a different hitch every single week. Living in DC I can just walk from one to the next if I have time, but still it's very frustrating!!

a friend to knit with said...

oh my gosh. this is the BEST!
i LOVE this idea!
thanks for sharing!!!

Jessica said...

Wow. Those are awesome. What a great valentine!!

Anonymous said...

Jon and I loved getting these in the mail. Awesome!!


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