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Nothing is a Mistake Hoop

I recently came across this John Cage quote and knew I wanted to have it somewhere in our house. The guest room seemed the perfect place. What is really funny is that this finish product is the result of a mistake. See I wanted to embroider the quote so I printed it on an iron on transfer paper and after pressing it on the fabric I realized that that wouldn't be possible, because of the iron on stuff you would see every hole that the needle would make and that would just look bad. So I almost scrapped the idea all together at this point but then I read the quote again and I thought to myself, "i gotta figure out a way..."
I had this small scrap of a home decor fabric print that I love so I cut the quote in strips and hand sewed them to the fabric. I like that the quote looks like tags from my label maker (ya know I love my label maker!). I then pulled out the embroidery floss and embroidered around the fabric print. I'm totally loving how this turned out and I'm thinking it may be a future gift idea for someone special.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. You can use different quotes. This could be a selling project.

Anonymous said...

Gretchen, that is a really cool "mistake" that came out better in the end. (don't you love the creative process?) There are lots of cool quotes you could do. I agree with your mom. Maybe Aunt Art will need to give birth to a "Niece."

Anonymous said...

I love the quote and I LOVE what you did with it!

Thanks for the comment on my blog, btw.


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