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Snow Globes

One day while out shopping for winter jackets at the local thrift store, the boys were awe struck by the Christmas aisle. There they found many snow globes that they wanted, totally fascinated with the falling snow. Seeing the wonder in their eyes I was tempted to buy one. I actually let Logan carry one around the store until I noticed it was leaking. Yuck!
But it gave me an idea. Let's make our own snow globes!!! A quick stop at Home Depot to buy aquarium sealer and we were all set. I took baby food jars and glued a plastic toy to the inside of the lid using the aquarium sealer. Then the hardest part, waiting 24 hours for it to dry. Then the boys picked out the glitter they wanted to use and filled it with tap water. Here's a warning though..don't use colored glitter because the water will change color. After putting the lid on, I used the aquarium sealer around the lid for a perfect fit. Now each of them have their own glitter snow globe.
If only glitter fell from the sky in real life!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, get this: I belong to a diorama club and each month we have themes-our coming theme is Snow Globes. I plan to make a snow globe just as you wrote about however, my only question that remained was: "Will a glue gun maintain the water in the jar?" Aquarium sealer! Of course! Thanks for the tip...

Jessica said...

Looks good. I've been planning on making snow globes but just haven't found the right jar.

Anonymous said...

Aquarium sealer! Of course!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Just saw I echoed Shelly :-) It really is such a great solution. Thanks for sharing!


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