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Pimpin' my camera strap!

I love my new DSLR camera but what I don't love is the tacky Canon advertising strap around my neck. I had to give my camera a makeover. I bought this ribbon ages ago at this cute trim shop in the fashion district in NYC with hopes of making a belt. Well that never happened! I took the strap off the camera and simple stitched the ribbon on turning the ends under. So simple. And now my camera is fashionable.


Sharon Andy Holderman said...

That is way cute! I just recently hung some picture frames with ribbon and was so impressed with myself...ribbon solves a lot!

I actually have a new bag that I love but it doesn't have a shoulder strap. I was hoping to sew one on but that might be beyond my sewing skills? I wasn't sure how to do that since it doesn't come with strap parts already on there (like your camera strap). Tricky!

Jessie Blum @ Eclectic Unions said...

What a good idea! I've seen a ton of cute SLR straps on Etsy, and have been tempted to buy one.. but this an even better idea!


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