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Crochet Dishrags

I've been disgusted with our sponges. I feel as though I'm replacing them constantly, not very earth friendly of me. It was time to make my own dish rags. Using cotton yarn I cast on 30 stitches and single crocheted the whole thing until it measured 7 inches by 8 inches.
I've been told that you can microwave your sponge to kill bacteria, but we don't have a microwave.
I've also been told you can put your sponge on the top rack of the dishwasher to kill bacteria, but we hand wash in our house.
So I'm going to try the crochet dishcloths for awhile and finally break my sponge addiction. I think these would also make great Christmas gifts as part of my "greener living" basket.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! I LOVE these! I got a dozen of those when I got married 7+ years ago and they are my favorite! They are just now starting to fall apart, but they are so great, have lasted forever and I will only let go of them when they completely disinegrate (or however you spell it!). I use them on dishes on counters, everything! And, they work for dusting, too!

Anonymous said...

I'd buy these from you Gretch! LOL


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