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Update on Scrapbook Yard Sale

Well I just had to share a picture of my treasures I got on Sunday. I spent a total of 40 bucks...yup you read that right everything on this table cost me 40 bucks. And some you can't really see cause I had to do a stack of stickers at the top in order to make it all fit for the picture. Some really awesome deals, for example the vellum quote books have 1 page out of 48 missing in each book!! I paid $2.50 for both and they retail for 6 bucks a pop. I'm so excited to finish some pages now.

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CindyLooHoo said...

I am so jealous, I think I almost just screamed out loud when I saw that pic. That is so amazing, I can't wait to tag along when we finally do get back to that area!!! Is that something only done in MD? What bargains!!!


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