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Introducing Felix (the Beta Fish)

It is true - I want a dog. But the timing is just not right for us.

Announcement: After much debate, Greg and I will be staying in Boulder, CO for the next 3-4 years while Greg pursues a Ph.D.

Finally, settled in a place that is super dog-friendly we couldn't wait to find an apartment that would allow us to rescue a friendly four-legged fuzz ball. Unfortunately, we weren't able to find an apartment that was suitable for our needs and allows fuzzy roommates. The biggest obstacle is the fact the Boulder is a huge college town and all the "pet friendly" digs have been destroyed by their previous tenants and their pets. So we will wait another year and search again.

So, in order to have something lovely and living to take care of we brought Felix into our home last night. He is already bowl-trained and doing well. He is no where near as exciting as The Skovron Family's latest addition but we appreciate him just the same.


Jessie Blum @ Eclectic Unions said...

Welcome, Felix! You seem to be very well trained so far, and I am sure that Jessica and Greg will give you a good home, a clean bowl, and plenty of fish food and fun things to look at.

Anonymous said...

That's too bad about Boulder's lack of dog-friendly apartments.

i used to live at 10th and grandview (amongst the CU kids) and it seemed like everyone had a dog. especially good for taking up to chautauqua.

I guess a lot of people rent single family homes?

man, i miss Half-Fast subs.


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