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Many SAHM's (stay at home moms, for those of you not in the know) reach the year when they start questioning if and when they will go back to work. As if they can't be a SAHM if all the kids are in school...though many of our mothers did it with us. I've never thought much about the "going back to work conversation" because I actually started my company,, the year my son Logan was born. But I've chatted with many women who are considering a new career choice and feel guilt about not contributing financially to the family. I can understand of the many reasons why I started my company when I did.

I had an "ah-ha" moment today, as Oprah would say, when I realized that I have one more year of having a child at home. And instead of worrying about wholesale orders and how to market to my target audience or getting enough product made for the upcoming craft show season...I'm giving myself the year off.

Don't get me wrong Aunt Art will still be up and running but I'm not going to worry as much as I do about expansion. I'm not going to do any craft shows or take on any more wholesale accounts.

I'm just going to enjoy where I am in life.

I have a list of craft projects that I want to make for gifts or to do around the house and when your work has you sitting at a sewing machine the last thing you want to do is sit and sew throw pillows for your sofa. But I really really want throw pillows on my sofa!! And I already bought the fabric 6 months ago!!

I don't know where I'm going with this post...I guess just giving you a glimpse of my inner turmoil of being a SAHM vs. a WAHM and maybe starting a conversation or 2 about the changes in our society that women 30 years ago stayed home all through their child's education and now that is not quite acceptable in certain circles of society.

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