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Mending A Sock

I never thought I would ever do this and maybe it's because my son got a hole in a brand new pair of socks or maybe I am now an extreme environmentalist or just a total tight wad.

But today I sat and mended a hole in a sock.

With the talk of a recession and many newscasters talking of the Depression it's made me think a lot about the extremes that people had to go to in order to get by during that time. It's made me appreciate the many luxuries I do have. It's so interesting the habits people hold onto that lived through the depression.

I hold a special place in my heart for one of our elderly neighbors when I was a kid who when I would visit her house served lemon meringue pie (made from scratch) and while we chatted she would mend socks. And now here I sit, needle in hand ready for the next hole.

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Anonymous said...

Mary would be proud of you.


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