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Schedule Chart for Autism

My oldest son is on the spectrum and his teacher suggested we make a schedule chart for our home to help Logan deal with the transitions from one event to the next during the weekend. I imagine that not only would it be good for autistic kids but neuro-typical kids as well to keep them on track of the family schedule. It may even cut back on whining for a particular item or event if they already know the schedule for the day. I made our chart out of upholstery fabric, but the chart can easily be made by cutting cardboard and using a manila envelope taped to the bottom to hold the cards. The cards are simple images that suggest the event. I got the images from google and laminated the cards so they survive constant handling from a kid.

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Maddy said...

I've lost count of the schedule charts I've made over the years, [mainly cardboard as they keep changing]

That's a great one.
Best wishes


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