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Tag Book

One of my very close friends, Wendi, sent me this tag book for my birthday. Each tag has a quote on it. I absolutely love it and it still sits on my desk. For my mother-in-law's birthday I took Wendi's idea and went bigger. I made the tags about 3" wide by 5" long and included pictures of the kids. My MIL is a therapist and doesn't like to have personal family photos in her office so I made her tag book with a funny face theme and included humorous quotes for those moments in between clients when she needs a pick me up and she can store it in her desk drawer. The best part was I only used my scraps of scrapbook paper. The rings can be found at any office supply store for under 2 bucks for a packet of them. This is a very inexpensive gift idea for anyone on your list.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea.
That would make a great gift.

Anonymous said...

I made something like this for my dad last year, inspired by you! I'll be posting about it tomorrow (and giving you credit) on my new craft blog:


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