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Learning New Things

I am constantly amazed by my kids, everyday they learn new things. Today my 2 year old mastered the curved ladder at the playground, something he's been practicing for weeks. As I watched him do it over and over again I thought to myself when was the last time I learned something new?
Think about it.
As adults we get into a groove, say at the beginning we may have had to learn how to do the job and then it reaches this point of coasting. You're just coasting along. Is that living?
So here is my challenge: to learn something new everyday.
Have you always wanted to learn another language? Check out this site and you can learn at your own pace online.

Or what about taking a class...but who has the time, right? Well MIT offers free online non-credit classes.

Or simply go to
and learn a new word everyday or a word to replace one you use repeatably.

A lesson from a 2 year old, who would have thought!


Anonymous said...

That's an awesome shot!

Jessica said...

Learning new things is what I'm all about these days. This year I learned to ride a bike at 31. And last night I started to learn to play golf. Well...last night I was out in the little park by our house learning to hit practice whiffle-ball golf balls. And this winter I hope to learn how to down hill ski. It's hard as an adult to learn new things but I highly recommend taking the challenge!

Anonymous said...

Yes, even at almost 61 I might have a different job and I will be learning different things and growing with knowledge all the way. We have to keep up with Spike you know. :o)
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I love the MIT link. I can't wait to check out some of the classes that they offer.



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