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I'm Back!

So Sorry for the lack of entries on my get you up to speed. Me, hubby and the kids moved AGAIN! That's right we were only in MD for 6 months and then moved. I move a lot, typically every year. But this time we bought a house and we are swearing to ourselves and anyone who will listen without rolling their eyes that this house is the HOUSE. We now live in Old Greenbelt, MD. In this wonderful community called Greenbelt Homes Inc (GHI for short). It's a very liberal community and so far I've met a lot of people who are into living "green". The co-op is even trying to figure out how to make all the houses more energy efficient. Love that!
Well after we moved physically into the house we didn't have Internet for 2 weeks. I was about to die....this is my lifeline as a SAHM. Twice I had to drive 25 minutes to my parents house to check my email because I just couldn't stand it any longer. I'm addicted to email, I admit it.

So now I am back and have many homeowner items to share with all of you. We are trying to do all our remolding jobs "green", since we'll be in this house for a while :)

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