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My far.

Thanks Gretchen for making it back to the blog and getting a post up everyday this week. Great work.
I'd like to say that I was on a month long vacation and haven't written because I was too busy drinking cocktails Oceanside, but in truth I was finally moving in to my new apartment in Boulder.

I've been here in the city a couple of months now but I am just now moved in and unpacking my stuff. This is the first time I am living with a partner and I am currently going through many of the secrete rituals that go with living with a boyfriend for the first time. I believe these things are kept secrete or else many people would stay single for life. Nothing too serious, just the pains of mixing two peoples' aesthetic choices. I am confident that compromises will create a lovely home in time.

As far as leaving the city and living in a more suburban environment goes, one of the hardest things I am having trouble adjusting to is planning out a week or two of meals and then buying everything I need in one large shopping trip. I am spoiled from my apartment in Queens where there was a fresh vegetable stand literally on my corner. If any of the readers have some tips on how to shop once for all week - please make a comment.

Switching the topic - have you tried Google Maps? I'm told it isn't always the best for directions, but it does have a feature that allows you to create a map and place comments on it. Here is a link to a map I've titled My Boulder.

Once you get to this link do the following: 1.) Go to tab labeled MY MAPS which is located beside the tab labeled SEARCH RESULTS. 2.) Click MY BOULDER, CO. I've tried find a direct link but can't so it is a two step process. I've been creating this map since I got here in order to help me find my way around. Thought you might like to checkout where I'm shopping and chilling. If you click on the place you can read the comments I have written about it.

I can't promise to post as often as Gretchen but my goal is to post some Cocktail Mom Goodness at least twice a week. Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

it's not that we're keeping the cohabitation adjustment secret, it's just that you never believe us when we tell you because your relationship is special and you are going to skip that part.

Gretchen said...

Jabby I don't think the link is working. I didn't see the My boulder link. HELP!

Nikki said...

Personally, I find it a bit overwhelming to plan a full week's worth of meals so we try to plan just 3 or 4 nights. That seems to make the shopping trip a little more palatable for me (I hate grocery shopping!!) Also, a couple times a week we freeze half a meal. When you don't feel like cooking one night this comes in pretty handy. Then we leave another night or two for leftovers. That takes care of the whole week then you start over again on Sunday : )

Jessica said...

Thanks Nikki. Good advice. Gretchen - try the link now with the new instructions and let me know if it works!

A Friend in New England said...


Your site looks very nice and I love that the pink colors in it go well with the topics that you cover. I was impressed w/ the google maps link b/c I have a blog re. New England and thought I should do this, too. Going in to how to open a google API account got too confusing! Anyway, good luck with all you're doing. I'm learning more on this every day.

Happy Holidays!


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