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Consume or not to comsume, the question

It's so hard to not become a consuming maniac after you move or buy a house. We have quite a long list of remodel ideas for this house and many times I've had to stop myself while in the aisle of Ikea or Target and ask myself "Do I really need this?"
And most of the time the answer is "yeah kind of". I try and be honest with myself and question the item in my hand to figure out if I LOVE it. For example I was at Ikea looking at rugs. We need two small rugs in front of the back and front doors right when you enter. With 2 boys who love dirt immensely I need the extra foot wiping when you enter. But nothing was grabbing me, I wasn't in love with any of the rugs. So instead of buying one that "will do for now", which eventually ends up getting tossed or given away when I do find the one I love, I walked out of the store without a rug. I'll wait to fall in love and deal with the dirt in the meantime.

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