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Adopting a New Dog from WARL

We didn't think we were ready to open our hearts to another dog so soon after the death of our beloved Elgin. But Dharma was depressed. After two months of non-stop whining and crying we realized that Dharma needed a companion. We went to the local pounds, but never found a dog that met all of our requirements.

  • Not a puppy
  • smaller than 40 pounds
  • good with kids
  • goos with other dogs
  • female
We cyber stalked several of the local rescue organizations. Lost Dog Rescue Foundation, Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, Best DAWG Rescue, Operation PAWS for Homes . Lauren adopted Elgin from Washington Animal Rescue League (WARL) ten years ago and it seemed appropriate to go back there and visit some dogs. We saw several that we liked but they didn't meet all of our requirements. We waited a bit longer and decided to take another trip to WARL and then we found Chloe. She was in the puppy room, which we didn't plan on going into because we didn't want a puppy but the boys begged to "just look".
Once we met Chloe, I knew she'd be a perfect fit for our family. She is actually four years old, not sure why she was in the puppy room. We all adore her and she's fit in so nicely into our family. I highly recommend going to WARL the next time you are looking for a dog or cat to add to your family.

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