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Knit Eternity Scarf

I have two teen-aged nieces who aren't major fashionistas but they typically do know what is "in" and often have the racks at Hollister memorized. I will admit that I consulted the Hollister website before making this eternity scarf for my niece. I wouldn't dare step into the actual store because the smell of the place gives me a headache along with the low lighting and cramped aisles...clearly I've exposed my thirty-something age in this post.
I was happy to discover that I liked the color range that Hollister uses. The navy, gray,'s very all-American and classic. So I chose gray yarn for the scarf and stuck with a simple pattern of knit and purl stitches and an occasional double knit row to add dimension.
I'm happy with how it turned out, in fact I'm considering making myself one.


Shayna said...

That's a great idea to look at popular stores and then make a gift based on something that will still fit in with what the other cool kids are wearing. :) Hopefully she will cherish it for many years to come!

Anonymous said...

Zane is really getting good at taking pictures. Let him try to take more and see where he goes with this ability. I love the scarf. Great job.

Gretchen said...

Thank you both for reading.
I agree that I need to hand over the camera more often to little Zane. He's got a good eye and as long as I set him up with the right ISO, aperture settings etc. He can make good things happen.

@Shayna- I had no idea that you designed so many of the logos in our area that I love!


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