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Fabric Mailbox

I saw this great tutorial for a fabric mailbox by Giver'sLog all over Pinterest. I had a 3 year old girl on my Christmas list who I knew would love something like this. I changed a few things while making the fabric mailbox because I didn't want to actually go out and purchase anything, I wanted to only use what I had in my fabric collection and craft supplies. (I tend to do that a lot.)
So instead of plastic canvas I used interfacing and quilt batting. I only used fabric where she used felt. I didn't have magnets so instead I used velcro. I omitted the fabric wire, I found the opening looked good without it. And to complete the flag I made a hole using my scrapbooking grommet maker and attached it with a brass paper fastener.

I cut scrapbook paper to 4x6 inches and added a sticker to the upper right corner so that it appears to be a postcard.

Keep in mind when you see tutorials online that you don't have to do it exactly as they have instructed. Sometimes you might find a short cut or by omitting something the end result is better. Allow your own creativity to flow. Be inspired by others and allow that to flow through your work.
Happy crafting!


Lauren said...

It looks great, Gretchen! I'm thinking of making these for Valentine's Day, especially since I see how cute yours turned out!

Gretchen said...

Thanks, Lauren! The boys are also asking for them...I just don't know where we'd put them. Hmmm...


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