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Homemade First Aid Kit using Nesquik Container

I love to reuse containers from products we use in our house, I enjoy the challenge of finding ways to reuse items. I've reused peanut butter jars for storage in different ways. Also those giant pretzel tubs from Costco. And most recently a Nestle Nesquik container is now home to our first aid kit. Inside I can store all the essentials I need to take care of a playground fall; bactine, ointment, bandaids and cotton gauze pads. I wrapped the container with scrapbook paper that I had in my stash, created a label and it's done. Easy and fast, cross it off your to-do list for 2012 and have a first aid kit ready in your car for those "just in case" moments.


medical supplies said...

sounds great!

this is one way of saving the environment.:) by the way, what do you usually put in your first aid kit?

Gretchen said...

Everything that is in the picture is in the kit. I also always have Arnica gel as well.


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