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Corner of my Home

I previously have talked about Rebecca's flickr stream in a Corner of my Home post.
I want to continue capturing my house as it is right now.  I love how Rebecca captures simple corners of her home.  I want to do more of that so my kids and I can look back and see how things change over the years. And I tend to change things pretty often.

This is a corner of my home right now.

  • I adore the look of crates. Here I stacked a wine crate and a crate I picked up at a yard sale and I filled them with books. Some I've read, some are favorites and some are to-be-read.
  • The pictures of the boys were taken by a friend, Ryan Benyi. This spot is right outside the bathroom and on the weeks when the boys are with their dad I love walking by numerous times a day and seeing their faces.
  • The wooden baby block letters I picked up at an antique store and wrote about them here. The word "be" was my word of the year to mediate on in 2009. I still enjoy seeing it as a reminder every day.
  • The wooden carving was given to me by a dear friend on a trip in Costa Rica.
  • And the "nothing is a mistake" hoop sits casually on top reminding everyone who walks by to stop being so competitive and just follow your bliss.
Capture a corner of your home and create a scrapbook layout around it.  What do you love about the items in the picture? Where did it come from?  What is special to you right now?    


Maud said...

I love the crates, but how do they not topple over, with boys running by? Are they fixed to the wall?

Anonymous said...

I love this idea Gretchen. Something for me to think about for sure.

Gretchen said...

@(Not) Maud, yes the top one is fixed to the wall just to be safe. But together they aren't actually very wobbly. It's also about book weight and where you place them in the crates.


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