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Placemat & Gift of Thanksgiving

I came across this placemat on Pinterest. It was one of those things that seemed like everyone was re-pinning. It is so cute and functional, you can see why it was going viral! (Click here to see the rest of the Thanksgiving collection.)

Around my Thanksgiving table each person had a placemat and in front was a small gift from me. I used a toilet paper tube and taped scrapbook paper to it and folded the ends inside. I printed off a small picture of each person and adhered it to the outside in lieu of traditional name cards. Inside each tube was a felted acorn ornament that I made and a small note telling the recipient why I am thankful for them. 

For my youngest son I wrote:
When I look at you it's like looking into a mirror of my own soul. Being your mom has taught me to embrace who I am as well as embrace what makes you- YOU!

So often I think words are left unsaid and I don't ever want to leave this earth and not tell the people whom I love how much I in fact love and cherish them. 
Use your words.
Take a moment and tell the people in your life how thankful you are for knowing them. I believe it will be cherished.

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