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My Anthropologie Wedding Dress

I bought my wedding dress at Anthropologie randomly, we were out shopping for something else, I saw it in the window. Within minutes I was trying it on. As I opened the dressing room door Lauren had a huge smile on her face and said "that's the dress!"
The only problem was it was strapless. I have large breasts and after nursing two babies, strapless bras aren't comfortable for prolonged periods of time. This is originally what the dress looked like.
It had tiny little straps that weren't large enough to hide bra straps. So I cut the bow in the back of the dress and used that fabric to make larger straps to hide my bra straps. I still had the fabric for a bow in the back, but instead of a bow I simply tied it. I loved how comfortable it was to wear. I'm thankful that I chose a dress that I will be able to wear many more times throughout our lives. 

Oh, and that adorable flower on my dress I bought off Etsy by Emerson Made. Sadly you can't get them anymore. The blog, Junebug Weddings, did a wonderful post about them.

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