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Jessie Mary Photography

When Lauren and I set the date to get married I wasn't like other brides combing through stacks of bridal magazines. No, that's not for me. I've done this before, remember? I knew what I wanted and the number one thing on my list was finding the best photographer. I spent hours looking at photography websites, searching for someone who would be willing and able to photograph a gay wedding. (Yes, there are people in the world who will refuse to take pictures at a gay wedding.)
Through a recommendation from another photographer Jessica Shepard entered our lives. After chatting with her on the phone and learning that our lives have taken similar routes from living in NYC to Seattle and also being a mom...I had this feeling in my gut that she was the photographer for us. And I was right, I am ecstatic with the pictures she took at our wedding.

We exchanged vows privately with a small group of family and friends at the Washington DC courthouse. The room is really small and you are only allowed to have 12 people, we are a family a four which means that didn't leave a lot of room for invites.

The day after our wedding Jessica emailed us one picture, a teaser of what was to come. I opened the email and inhaled loudly, I told Lauren "This is the picture! I don't care if the rest look like shit, this is the ONE!"

Thankfully we ended up with hundreds of pictures that were fantastic. Check out Jessica's blog, she posted many more pictures that truly captures our day. Thank you Jessica, we are overjoyed!!!!

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