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First off let me tell you a little about me...I don't like guns. I refuse to allow fake guns into my home, that means no nerf guns or toy guns of any kind. This past summer I was convinced to purchase water guns but that is as far as I will go.
I have two boys and the reality is that they will turn anything and everything into a gun. I shouldn't have found it surprising when I came into the living room and found my oldest using my (unplugged) glue gun as a toy gun in his make believe battle.
It made me chuckle and I had to snap a quick picture. Only my kids, sons of a crafter would think to use a glue gun!

1 comment:

Christine Siracusa said...

Glue guns don't kill. People do.
Too funny.
I gave in about probably remember. I don't like it, though.


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