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International Walk to School Day

Today is International Walk to School Day in the USA. The boys and I walk to school everyday. Well I walk, as they scooter. We live close to the school so it isn't a huge ordeal. On the days when I've driven in order to commute to a yoga class that I am teaching... I feel embarrassed about it.

So it was a no brain-er when the PTA put a call out for volunteers to help corral the children from the designated meeting spot to school. I wanted to make the morning special for the kids so I woke up early and headed out of the house with sidewalk chalk in hand. Along the route I wrote messages to the kids, words of encouragement and fun things to do along the way.
Walk the Tightrope.

Spin. Jump. Tap your head. Wave.

And who couldn't benefit from hearing "you are so smart" as they make their way into school.

I know the kids had fun this morning and hopefully some of them will ask their parents to be able to walk to school more often.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Gretchen that was really a special thing to do for the kids. Hopefully more kids will walk to school.


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