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College Park Patch: Leading the Way

This article was originally published on the College Park Patch as part of the weekly column by Gretchen Schock, Parenting on a Tightrope
School has started; we have returned to early bedtimes and homework nightly. Spelling lists and classroom paperwork adorn our refrigerator.
My oldest thrives in this structured environment; my youngest would rather have a bit more room to wiggle.
This year, for the first time both boys are going to the same school. Thankfully I am able to walk the boys to school each day; we have a routine in place already with morning drop off.
On the second day of school we walked in the building together, and I took the boys to the top of the hallway -- our drop off point -- so they can get right in the habit of walking themselves to class. The staff doesn’t like parents walking kids to their classrooms; most kids line up outside and then go in by grade level.
It tends to be a bit of a madhouse.
L fights the urge to have a breakdown because the environment is over stimulating, with the noise and the amount of people in a small space inadvertently bumping him and touching him. To continue reading click here.

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