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Entertaining Kids in the Car

We have a long rode trip ahead of us for family vacation which means I have spent a good portion of my morning surfing the web for resources and ideas to keep the kids entertained. We have never really done a long road trip in a car. When I lived in Seattle and would fly to the east coast once a year to visit family and I would create travel bags to keep the kids entertained on the flight. We do have a DVD player in the car and the boys also have DS games to play but at some point they will tire of both of those items. Shocker, I know! But it's true.
I'm creating car travel bags for each child. Filled with travel games they can play with each other (Sorry, Uno, Go Fish, Trouble), new books to read and little toys to keep themselves occupied.
I found this wonderful resource while surfing the web,, it is full of ideas to keep kids entertained on a road trip (some are a bit dated...who plays a gameboy anymore?) .
I always create personalized coloring books. Printing pictures that I know interests each individual child, I three-hold punch the pages and insert into a report folder and pair with a set of brand new crayons.
National Geographic Coloring Pages
Superhero Coloring Pages
Printable Worksheets- Yes I assign homework on vacation!
Superhero Powers Matching Game- with answer sheet for the parents.
We are going to the beach so this word search is perfect!

Also on hand will be pipe cleaners, these are my go-to "I'm bored-Mommy!" saver.
Audio books FREE from the public domain- I'm really hoping the kids get into this. I'm going to try Tom Sawyer and The Road to Oz.
I bought these lap trays for the car so they each have a work area to write and do puzzles and to keep track of their stuff.
Do you have any tips or tricks that made a long road trip fun for your kids? Please share in the comment section.

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