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yeah he's mine

So often people see my sons and say they are spitting images of their father. Keep in mind my boys look completely different from each other, one blonde and brown eyed and the other brunette with blue eyes. I think this gender identification is pretty typical of people to say, if I had a girl I'm sure people would say she looked like me and Jon would be feeling the way I do. Do I find it annoying? A tad. I mean I was a part of their creation too. Don't I get dibs on something?

And then it see a part of you, a part that maybe you never noticed before. The boys recently had a "photo shoot" with their very talented Uncle Ryan and he got a lot of great candid shots of them being just simply them. And this is the shot...the one that I never noticed before...Logan has my stand out pinky! My sister and I both have pinky fingers that stand out naturally away from the rest of our fingers. Now I wonder if her daughters have our pinky's too.


gia said...

I LOVE this pic! FYI Tobin doesn't really look like either of us....:)

Kari George said...

Love love this photo and the white background!

Anonymous said...

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