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Top 9 of 2009

I celebrated my birthday this past weekend and every year I like to take a moment and reflect on the year and celebrate, if you will, the things I have accomplished. So this year I made a Top 9 of 2009... because I adore making lists.
1. I biked 100 miles in one day, 9 hours actually.

2. decided that my happiness was important.
3. got a tattoo that I look at everyday and remind myself of it's meaning.

4. got certified to teach yoga, opening a whole new world within me.
5. competed in my third triathlon.
6. became a better mother.
7. I started "tweeting" and have been doing it for a full year now.
8. made quilts to adorn all of our beds.
9. reconnected with friends, becoming mindful of spending my moments with people I love and who bring me joy.


Anonymous said...

what growth and inspiration for us all. thanks for sharing and congratulations on all you accomplished. a new year awaits...

Lori said...

you're an amazing inspiration, Lady. ;)


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