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my new sabine

I've really enjoyed reconnecting with bike riding in the past year but the bike I was riding, Juicy, well let's just say she's vintage. She has issues. She's not completely reliable. And when you like to ride 40 miles an hour down a hill,reliable brakes is exactly what you need!
So it was bound to happen.
I bought a new bike.
Meet Sabine.
I bought her at my local favorite bike shop, Arrow Bicycle. They were having a big bike sale and I just could not resist. I love supporting local shops, especially shops that give back to the community. The 2 owners, both named Chris, team up with the Special Olympics and also run clinics where they teach kids on the spectrum how to ride bikes. Now you know I want to support people who do that!!
In June I am biking 200 miles in 2 days from Toronto to Niagara Falls and then back again. I know Sabine and I are going to have some great rides this season.
Stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

Hi gretchen nice bike! Phil.


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