Sharing recipes, crafts and frugal living, the challenges and triumphs of parenting a neurotypical child and a child on the Autism Spectrum. Yoga Instructor said goodbye to her nightly glass of Chardonnay to give up habits that were not serving her purpose in life! The CocktailMom name remains, however with a new focus on healthy and authentic living.


The Best of 2009- Shop

Q: Shop. Online or offline, where did you spend most of your mad money this year?

A: I'm not a huge spender. Typically when I'm shopping it's because I actually need it, or the kids do. I spent a lot of money at Nashbar,but I needed a new seat for my bike and new tires. That being said I spend a lot of time "window shopping" on Etsy. Right now I'm searching for the perfect cigarette case. No I'm not a smoker anymore but back in the day when I was I use to put my cigarettes and money/credit cards in this awesome vintage, metal cigarette case that fit perfectly in my back pocket. Lord only knows where that is now, one of the few regrets of a past purge. I'd love to find something like that now because what I have going on is rather quite sad and pathetic, don't you think? I'm totally digging SweetHeartSinner's shop on etsy, I'm just having a hard time picking one. What are your favorites?


Anonymous said...

So cool, and so you...I dig The Very Sexy Flapper and the Crispy Crunchies Cereal ones. Too funny.

Big Bike Parts Spender said...

I hear you on spending the majority of your money on bike parts... to me it is like fast food... All these small things add up(I of course don't buy fast food). I enjoyed your post.

Anonymous said...

Plain living and high thinking.


Anonymous said...

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